In 2009 at the age of 21, Joshua Cockerill released his debut, The Trick With Your Heart I’m Learning To Do, and already had contributions from Serena Ryder, Justin Rutledge and Dustin Bentall. His new album links past to present with opener, “The Trick With Your Heart, Pt. 3,” though it’s really focuses on the road ahead and a constant quest for love.

Subtly animalistic songs, like “Running,” talk about freedom and needing to wander. Yet, there are also tracks, like “A Dream Where I Break Horses,” that stand out as having been more consciously written with orchestral sections and contemplative moments that don’t remind you of other things, but rather draw you to think about what’s being said. Half the time, he seems to experiment with strong power pop mechanics and the other half seems to be more indebted to more of a roots sound where he really shines with sincerity and revealed layers of vulnerability to which audiences can more meaningfully connect.

Occasionally crooning, Animal Parts may have been written with someone specific in mind. Whether this is a real person or an envisioned soulmate is unclear. But, perhaps it is simply the sound of an emerging musician looking for the reciprocated affection of an audience.