MAKE IT A DOUBLE: Two New Albums Announced!

Five years removed from their last, Animal Parts are poised to make a double release (make it a double!!) in full throng of spring. 
“Get on with moving feet and eat what you want to eat,” they chant in ritual. …


Summer Show Announcement!

What’s true of this reformed quartet is “what’s old ain’t exactly new again.” Headed still by Josh Cockerill, the AP cadres have taken their summer to lounging poolside, growing facial hair, basting in chlorinic waters, then being blasted by the…


Reformed (pron. REE-formed) itinerants Animal Parts have returned - say cheese(!) - to explore wealths of materials until now locked in its coffers. Joined by exalted compatriots Luke Bill, together will serve up what the Canadian Health Ministry would surely…


A Note From Animal Parts

Attention, seekers & lodestones! 
Breaking a long winded silence, Josh was able to sit down with Animal Part's chieftain songwriter for a little tête à tête, addressing certain changes in their lives as well as what we can expect of…

This is not a drill!!

Holla! AP wring in the holidays in style with one last hiphiphoora of '15 at the Burdock (Toronto).
Buy advance tickets ($8) at

For those keeping track:

When? Saturday November 28, 2015
Where? Burdock 1184 Bloor St W

Five Year Release of "Trick With Your Heart..."

Four time the bell has rung and throbbed the air with it's full heavy notes.
This coming week it will toll for a fifth time, marking yet another anniversary of the first musical release by Animal Parts' own Joshua JG…

OTHER ROOMS EP Release, tour dates announced!

Avail your eyes towards the water!! Is that a seal with candystripe suit?! The Great Walrus rumoured to dress up as Waldo?! NO Beachgowers! Feast your eyes on AP's own JCo swimming as one with the flow.  His skin a…

June tour dates announced

Hark hark! The angels sing "hour of the animal come."
JCo takes the road this spring selling BBQ sauce and spreadable cheeses. We ask 'why not play some music along this salesman journey?!' Lucky for him, kind folk have invited…

Two fresh EPs from Animal Parts

 2013 will be remember as the year of all animals. JCo and his mammal partners have done it again, taking precious January hibernation time to record two EPs of new music. Keep your ear to the tracks, for news coming…

Animal Parts on the road through Canada

Today at hungry music our mouths are stuffed with food. Turkeys stuffed with frogs legs. Chicken stuffed with more chicken. Some green things. Peanut butter cookies. Giving our bodies a final feast before hitting the Canadian highway and being forced…

Animal Parts in Stores Today!!

On this day seemingly like the others- birds aflutter, sidewalk sleepers akimbo - what we've been waiting on has finally crawled its way down the pipe. Spit into the river one by one, the members of Animal Parts have bathed…