"King Of Kings" unleashed!

We at HungryMusic are not the only ones with deep belly callings. We've heard several rumblings of Gorillas in the mangroves. Other reports from the fields suggest new women are being bred.
We've come bearing gifts, an offer to assuage the looming forces. Our friends JC and co. from the Animal Parts faith have unveiled a beast of their own, the guitar thrashing, drum stick spinning, helicopter arm flailing track "King Of Kings".
If you are the type to worry, the sounds of this track among tracks are more than ample to flesh out any threatening forces.
Indeed, open up all the windows and doors, turn all dials up as close as they get to eleven, and by heavens, thou wilt be safe. thou art loved by the Animal himself.

listen or buy it here

or here

Don't forget to eat something.

Signed, Mr. Beast