"SIX ARMS EP" release OCT 22nd, Tour dates

The new EP from JCo and AP company will be available for download through your computer machine on October 22nd. Modestly titled "Six Arms To Hold You", this EP features guest appearances from Bahamas, Doug Paisley, Justin Rutledge, and offers…Read more

Animal Parts does America

It's last call for JCo's bus to Chicago, and he's had to hide the beast in the overheard. The fury guy don't mind much, considering the birds eye view of his master's bags. Warm breathes on his sleepy head. … Read more

Animal Parts Tour Dates Announced

Us here at AP and co. are itching in our furs to get the band out on the road and out of our hair!
Here are the 2012 North American tour dates:

08/23/12 – Toronto, ON
The Dakota Tavern, w/Read more

"King Of Kings" unleashed!

We at HungryMusic are not the only ones with deep belly callings. We've heard several rumblings of Gorillas in the mangroves. Other reports from the fields suggest new women are being bred.
We've come bearing gifts, an offer to assuage… Read more

Greetings From Animal Parts

What happens when a man submits to the sum of his parts? Mustn’t it be gruesome, being overtaken by your inner animal? But behave, all you ‘fraidy teddy huggers! Beware, all premature party shufflers! Look behind the curtain to see…Read more