1. Gitanjali


This pencil has a mind of its own
It sketches your body
Word of mouth spreads like hellfire

No more chocolat for the children
Someone answer the phone
Or I will mangle all the TVs

Gitan, gitan,
Get on working hard
Gitan, gitan,
Get on playing hard
Gitan, gitan,
Get on living hard. Git-an-jali!

No need to uphold the bible’s ruling
Draw history as circles
Through your blouse I can see your nipples

One of conscientious mind
should not eat tuna
We’ve lowered our standards
To accommodate room for China

Gitan, gitan,
Get on laughing hard
Gitan, gitan,
Get on screaming hard
Gitan, gitan,
Get on loving hard. Git-an-jali!

Get on moving feet
And eat what you want to eat
Get on setting fire
To browbeat and poke the tire
Get on with fisticuff
Play role and act the snuff
Get on with love’s respite
Square cogs where round hearts can’t fit
Get on point with what’s in your head
Get on working your lover’s bed
Git –
An –