MAKE IT A DOUBLE: Two New Albums Announced! 

Five years removed from their last, Animal Parts are poised to make a double release (make it a double!!) in full throng of spring. 
“Get on with moving feet and eat what you want to eat,” they chant in ritual. 
June 1st it hits the netwaves (that's 2018 for all you time travellers) but for those obsessed with matters of the physical and/or living in Grat'r Tran'a, JCo & Co will be throwing a brash bash in their own honour, so:
Come, come! Gather ‘round and have a smoothy, a pizzapocket, or whatever looks good in your hand. 
Wysteria & La Jeunesse  have come to revanche their piece of coconut cream pie, that slice of heaven, for which they now perorate into the sky: “Get on with fisticuff, and read ‘til you’ve had enough.”

Where? The Burdock, 1184 Bloor Street, Toronto 
When? Wednesday May 30th, 9pm. 
Hoo? Animal Parts, LUKA
Advance Tickets?


Summer Show Announcement! 

What’s true of this reformed quartet is “what’s old ain’t exactly new again.” Headed still by Josh Cockerill, the AP cadres have taken their summer to lounging poolside, growing facial hair, basting in chlorinic waters, then being blasted by the sun. Rinse & Repeat. A quotidian lifestyle of such adds breeze between the chords, a lilt to the backbeat, and an imp of stupefacience to the vocal choirings. There’s new music on the docket, two new records to be sure, and persistent rumours of a book of poetry. Who knows?? By the looks of it, not even JCo himself, who’s somnambulant & blowing bubbles in a kiddy pool. So stay tuned cherished listeners! If it’s true every band has its day, then maybe a good band might just have two.

Where? The Burdock, 1184 Bloor Street, Toronto
When? Wednesday August 23rd, 9pm. 
Hoo? Animal Parts, Run Coyote, Wired To The Sky
Advance Tickets? 


Reformed (pron. REE-formed) itinerants Animal Parts have returned - say cheese(!) - to explore wealths of materials until now locked in its coffers. Joined by exalted compatriots Luke Bill, together will serve up what the Canadian Health Ministry would surely deem "a lethal concoction." The place is abuzz, just listen to the street noise! "Patatie Patata," said a strange man passing me now on the sidewalk. To that affect, le mot juste est descendu. Come all to hear, s'not only ol' Luke Skywalker's been flirting with the dark. 

Buy tickets: 
$8 in advance, $10 at the door 

Doors at 8:30pm, Show at 9pm 

A Note From Animal Parts 

Attention, seekers & lodestones! 
Breaking a long winded silence, Josh was able to sit down with Animal Part's chieftain songwriter for a little tête à tête, addressing certain changes in their lives as well as what we can expect of them next.
Here's how some of it went: 

Do I have time to clear my throat before we begin? 

How then would you limn what's happened so far? 



Ahem! You good? 

Ahem! Let's go. 

What are you reading these days? 

I'm reading what I've written so far. 

Interesting. And how does it read? 


Are you, or have you been, working towards new music? 

Yes. Of two different kinds. 

Like Country and Western? 

No. #%&#ed and un#%&#ed. 

Let's start with the un#&%#ed. 

It's a collection of songs written for my wife in the period following our honeymoon phase. 

Doesn't that last for years? 

Like red meat.

... In a stomach? 

That's right. 

Is there any poetry to the lyrics? 


Does it have a title? 

Yes, but I wouldn't tell you just yet. 


I'll whisper it in your ear (whispers

Very clever. 

I thought so. 

Now, tell me about the #&%#ed? 

Excuse me?!

You say there's more music?

Another EP, a strange bedfellow to the first. 


It's more experimental than I've cared to be before. It's sung in a different voice. 

Like what Dylan does at times? 

No, nothing like that. 

How would you explain it then? 

It's like what Margaret Atwood does at times. 

Ok. Is there much poetry to the lyrics? 

Very much. 

So two new Animal Parts albums of divaricating styles. Anything else? 

Yes, there's a third. 

Wow! This all appears highly self involved. 

I'll walk out. 

Ok, let's get back on track. When can we expect these releases? 

Before I turn thirty. 

Are you not yet thirty? 

Not quite.

Anything else you've been working on you'd like to talk about? 

Yes, I've been writing a book. 



Short stories? 



I'll walk out. 

Ok. Ok. Let's just call it... 


... some kind of book of prose, then?

I'll share it when it's ready. 

And when do you expect that to be? 

Before I'm thirty-two. 

Anything else you'd like to add? 

Generally, what you said. 

Great. Well, thank you for your time. 

My pleasure. 

And for not walking out. 

No problem. 



Are you feeling quite well? 

Actually, I'm rather sleepy. You? 

Yes. Exactly what you said 

May I? 

After you. 




So there you have it! Or something close to somewhat resembling something.
Party hard and love all ways,
Everyone at Animal Parts

This is not a drill!! 

Holla! AP wring in the holidays in style with one last hiphiphoora of '15 at the Burdock (Toronto).
Buy advance tickets ($8) at

For those keeping track:

When? Saturday November 28, 2015
Where? Burdock 1184 Bloor St W
Who? Animal Parts, Matthew Bailey, Heavy On The Willie
Whuh? $10 at door, $8 in advance.
Whwar? 9pm show.
Whmmfpf? Exactly!


Five Year Release of "Trick With Your Heart..." 

Four time the bell has rung and throbbed the air with it's full heavy notes.
This coming week it will toll for a fifth time, marking yet another anniversary of the first musical release by Animal Parts' own Joshua JG Cockerill (the same one referred to on this site as JCo).
He will be followed on stage (November 13th at Toronto's Dakota Tavern) by his usual AP company (and some of his old posse) to chime out some of the old music before delivering the usual Animal Parts drubbing. Good friend and cuteasabutton songstress Dani Nash will follow to close out the night!

So again. To reiterate:

When? Thursday, November 13th 2014
Where? The Dakota Tavern (249 Ossington Ave, Toronto)
Who? Joshua Cockerill (10pm), Animal Parts (11pm), Dani Nash (when the clock strikes midnight)
Whoooot? Exactly.

And maybe keep your shirts on this time. 

OTHER ROOMS EP Release, tour dates announced! 

Avail your eyes towards the water!! Is that a seal with candystripe suit?! The Great Walrus rumoured to dress up as Waldo?! NO Beachgowers! Feast your eyes on AP's own JCo swimming as one with the flow.  His skin a healthy brown. His movements strong and slow. His voice bearing positive tidings!
Animal Parts are set to release the first of two EPs, entitled Other Rooms, written while visiting numerous domiciles across the beautiful countries of America. Marking the group's first acoustic guitar driven release, JCo is taking back to the familiar road, bringing new songs, vinyl albums, and promoting his newly pigmented skin. 
A Limited Edition Vinyl release, Others Rooms is set to be unleashed digitally Tuesday August 20th, with a bang-smack party/performance planned at the Common in Toronto.
The second EP is set to be released in the fall of 2013, promising to prepare you for the coming of winter, is entitled "Six Arms To Hold You"
Be free. Eat Well. and love yourself as Animal Parts loves you. 

Waterton Lakes Opera House
Waterton Lakes, AB

Twin Butte Country General Store
Twin Butte, AB

Edge Of The World Festival
Haida Gwaii

The Blackbird
Coleman AB

The Palomino Smokehouse
Calgary, AB

The Spaghetti Western Festival
Calgary, AB

House Concert*
Calgary, AB

The Common
w/ Grady Kelneck
Toronto, ON

*If you would like to attend this house concert email


June tour dates announced 

Hark hark! The angels sing "hour of the animal come."
JCo takes the road this spring selling BBQ sauce and spreadable cheeses. We ask 'why not play some music along this salesman journey?!' Lucky for him, kind folk have invited the traveler into their homes right as he's been honing his solstice howl.
Look and see! The animal himself may be coming to a town near thee.

Sunset Saloon*
Winnipeg MB

House Concert*
Calgary AB

The Blackbird Coffeehouse
Coleman, AB

The Druid
Edmonton AB

The White House*
Winnipeg MB

House Concert*
Thunder Bay ON

* If you would like to attend this house concert email 

Two fresh EPs from Animal Parts 

 2013 will be remember as the year of all animals. JCo and his mammal partners have done it again, taking precious January hibernation time to record two EPs of new music. Keep your ear to the tracks, for news coming down the rails. Tour dates to follow.

Meanwhile, to hold over your growing appetites, you may be able to come across AP at the following places, at the following times. 

05/24/13 - Montreal, QC
Grumpy's Bar w/ Dear Sister

05/25/13 - Quebec, QC
L'espAce w/ Dear Sister

05/31/13 - Orillia, ON
The Brownstone w/ Dear Sister

06/05/13 - Toronto, ON
Cameron House w/ Dear Sister

06/13/13 - Toronto, ON
Dakota Tavern (NXNE showcase)
9pm - 10pm