Press Quotes:

"Animal Parts remind us of big-time acts that skillfully served to the bookish indie-rock crowd in the nineties and the zeros, [...] for which they deserve a piece of the alt-country cake"
- The Owl Mag

"The album [Animal Parts] is a must buy that delivers a majestic and emotive sound that highlights Josh Cockerill’s irresistable voice and heartfelt songwriting"
-The Gigity

"This [Animal Parts] album is an absolute keeper!"
- Blow Up Radio

"Joshua Cockerill [of Animal Parts] is f***ing amazing. Buy his record. Now."
- Serena Ryder

"A perfect balance between shirpy pop/rock and darker alt-country suffering, 'Animal Parts' is a great record which comes highly recommended"
- Real Gone

"As a songwriter, Joshua is one of the bright lights on the Canadian scene, and has one of the best new voices I've heard. Both sonically and lyrically, his album towers above any first attempt I've heard recently. I'm going to wager that Joshua will be around for quite some time."
- Justin Rutledge

"Influenced and inspired by legends Neil Young and Leonard Cohen and contemporaries Blue Rodeo and Rutledge, Joshua Cockerill is an alt-country rocker with a poet's soul."
- Winnipeg Free Press

"[The Trick With Your Heart I'm Learning To Do] is the 21-year old's debut disc and it reveals an artist of strong potential. He has a relaxed, melodic vocal style and a deft touch as a lyricist. Boosted by Ryder's harmony vocals, jaunty opening cut "Dance With You" is tailor-made for radio play. This is a highly promising beginning."
- Exclaim! Magazine

“The future looks bright for Joshua Cockerill”
– Rich Terfry, CBC Radio 2 Drive

"With a sound that’s being made popular by artists like Feist, Bahamas and Doug Paisley, there is an ambient folk vibe to this record that will resonate with any fan of a good songwriter. Certainly a step in the right direction"
- Paradise Blog, Cameron House Records

"'The Bird Song' [...] sounded like something you’d listen to while dying alone in a cabin in the middle of the woods"
-Golden Mixtape