A Note From Animal Parts

Attention, seekers & lodestones! 
Breaking a long winded silence, Josh was able to sit down with Animal Part's chieftain songwriter for a little tête à tête, addressing certain changes in their lives as well as what we can expect of them next.
Here's how some of it went: 

Do I have time to clear my throat before we begin? 

How then would you limn what's happened so far? 



Ahem! You good? 

Ahem! Let's go. 

What are you reading these days? 

I'm reading what I've written so far. 

Interesting. And how does it read? 


Are you, or have you been, working towards new music? 

Yes. Of two different kinds. 

Like Country and Western? 

No. #%&#ed and un#%&#ed. 

Let's start with the un#&%#ed. 

It's a collection of songs written for my wife in the period following our honeymoon phase. 

Doesn't that last for years? 

Like red meat.

... In a stomach? 

That's right. 

Is there any poetry to the lyrics? 


Does it have a title? 

Yes, but I wouldn't tell you just yet. 


I'll whisper it in your ear (whispers

Very clever. 

I thought so. 

Now, tell me about the #&%#ed? 

Excuse me?!

You say there's more music?

Another EP, a strange bedfellow to the first. 


It's more experimental than I've cared to be before. It's sung in a different voice. 

Like what Dylan does at times? 

No, nothing like that. 

How would you explain it then? 

It's like what Margaret Atwood does at times. 

Ok. Is there much poetry to the lyrics? 

Very much. 

So two new Animal Parts albums of divaricating styles. Anything else? 

Yes, there's a third. 

Wow! This all appears highly self involved. 

I'll walk out. 

Ok, let's get back on track. When can we expect these releases? 

Before I turn thirty. 

Are you not yet thirty? 

Not quite.

Anything else you've been working on you'd like to talk about? 

Yes, I've been writing a book. 



Short stories? 



I'll walk out. 

Ok. Ok. Let's just call it... 


... some kind of book of prose, then?

I'll share it when it's ready. 

And when do you expect that to be? 

Before I'm thirty-two. 

Anything else you'd like to add? 

Generally, what you said. 

Great. Well, thank you for your time. 

My pleasure. 

And for not walking out. 

No problem. 



Are you feeling quite well? 

Actually, I'm rather sleepy. You? 

Yes. Exactly what you said 

May I? 

After you. 




So there you have it! Or something close to somewhat resembling something.
Party hard and love all ways,
Everyone at Animal Parts