Joshua Cockerill
The Trick With Your Heart I’m Learning To Do

Penguin Eggs – Eric Thom

Every now and again an album jumps up and grabs you by both ears and won’t let go. This release, despite its awkward title, is one of those – and a first-off for a too-young-to-be-this-talented, transplanted Calgarian. Cockerill delivers an even dozen original songs – each unapologetically hook-laden, guitar-driven and equal parts country to rock-pop. The opening “Dance With You” deserves constant airplay given its upbeat splendor, Cockerill serving notice that the creative juices flowing through his veins have only begun to boil. Boasting a rich, melodic voice beyond his years, his guitar instincts, combined with the technical bite and roots-smarts of co-producer David Baxter, set the stage for a collection of near-anthemic songs that bear repeating. Toss in brilliant pedal steel contributions from Burke Carroll, tasteful harmonies and Cockerill’s own Neil-like harmonica and you begin to get the picture. From “big ass country songs” like the breathtaking “All You Need To Break Your Heart” (with stirring background vocals from Angela Hilts) to the muscular “Bartender”, Cockerill has taken one giant leap beyond the bars to craft a highly mature, astutely arranged debut that’s simply too good to be missed. At the same time, as suggested by “Blue Eyed Prairie Sky”, he’s managed to remain loyal to his Albertan roots, injecting heart and home into his handiwork for added authenticity