Five Year Release of "Trick With Your Heart..."

Four time the bell has rung and throbbed the air with it's full heavy notes.
This coming week it will toll for a fifth time, marking yet another anniversary of the first musical release by Animal Parts' own Joshua JG Cockerill (the same one referred to on this site as JCo).
He will be followed on stage (November 13th at Toronto's Dakota Tavern) by his usual AP company (and some of his old posse) to chime out some of the old music before delivering the usual Animal Parts drubbing. Good friend and cuteasabutton songstress Dani Nash will follow to close out the night!

So again. To reiterate:

When? Thursday, November 13th 2014
Where? The Dakota Tavern (249 Ossington Ave, Toronto)
Who? Joshua Cockerill (10pm), Animal Parts (11pm), Dani Nash (when the clock strikes midnight)
Whoooot? Exactly.

And maybe keep your shirts on this time.