MAKE IT A DOUBLE: Two New Albums Announced!

Five years removed from their last, Animal Parts are poised to make a double release (make it a double!!) in full throng of spring. 
“Get on with moving feet and eat what you want to eat,” they chant in ritual. 
June 1st it hits the netwaves (that's 2018 for all you time travellers) but for those obsessed with matters of the physical and/or living in Grat'r Tran'a, JCo & Co will be throwing a brash bash in their own honour, so:
Come, come! Gather ‘round and have a smoothy, a pizzapocket, or whatever looks good in your hand. 
Wysteria & La Jeunesse  have come to revanche their piece of coconut cream pie, that slice of heaven, for which they now perorate into the sky: “Get on with fisticuff, and read ‘til you’ve had enough.”

Where? The Burdock, 1184 Bloor Street, Toronto 
When? Wednesday May 30th, 9pm. 
Hoo? Animal Parts, LUKA
Advance Tickets?