Summer Show Announcement!

What’s true of this reformed quartet is “what’s old ain’t exactly new again.” Headed still by Josh Cockerill, the AP cadres have taken their summer to lounging poolside, growing facial hair, basting in chlorinic waters, then being blasted by the sun. Rinse & Repeat. A quotidian lifestyle of such adds breeze between the chords, a lilt to the backbeat, and an imp of stupefacience to the vocal choirings. There’s new music on the docket, two new records to be sure, and persistent rumours of a book of poetry. Who knows?? By the looks of it, not even JCo himself, who’s somnambulant & blowing bubbles in a kiddy pool. So stay tuned cherished listeners! If it’s true every band has its day, then maybe a good band might just have two.

Where? The Burdock, 1184 Bloor Street, Toronto
When? Wednesday August 23rd, 9pm. 
Hoo? Animal Parts, Run Coyote, Wired To The Sky
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